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It's all about trust.  The world’s best-known brands and leading marketing agencies rely on us—trust us—to target, engage and acquire new customers on their behalf.  

Plus, we provide an enhanced level of industry intelligence and service that is consistently beyond what you traditionally find within the industry.  From our strategic acumen—based on one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry—to our unique capabilities, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive email campaigns available.

True trailblazers within the industry, we continually work to ensure that we lead the industry in properly sourced, hygiened and responsive data.  And with our new partnership with the leading, global authority on email compliance and intelligence, LashBack, your reputation is safe with us.

Our clients include household names such as: Toyota, Verizon, 24 Hour Fitness, Lexus, AT&T, Subaru, Walmart, BMW, LG and MetLife. Others are small businesses looking for a competitive advantage. Regardless of who they might be, these businesses are Keono’s perpetual focus. We work with them closely and tirelessly to deliver maximum results. After all, we can’t succeed unless they do.

If you’re interested in our services, you’re in good company. Check out the list below. There’s a reason so many major brands trust Keono to supercharge their digital and traditional marketing. You should, too.

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Keono has the data, delivery, performance, and team to be the best in email acquisition. Explore why some of the largest advertisers choose us.

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Keono sells more cars

Automobile dealerships and manufacturers are always looking to identify potential new car buyers. Through Keono’s verified data and delivery expertise – we have become a trustworthy and reliable partner for the automotive industry.

As a matter of fact, more than 95 percent of our automotive clients return to Keono for their digital marketing campaigns – again and again.

Here’s a recent example of why: Keono spearheaded a multistate, two-month email campaign involving dozens of dealerships. This campaign was suspended halfway through because our highly targeted email database was so effective that car inventories were depleted. That’s powerful … and it’s a testament to Keono’s superior data and pinpoint accuracy in delivery.

Feeding their hungry sales teams through the email channel has increased marketing ROI for our automobile clients like they never imagined, but always hoped for.


Keono's Role

Our automobile clients have large databases for prospecting potential buyers, however, they don’t always contain the most up-to-date consumer email addresses. That hinders marketing goals. Enter, Keono. We are able to utilize our robust automobile data culled from leading offline auto lists to give manufacturers and local dealerships the boost they need to meet -- and oftentimes exceed -- their goals.

Clients provide Keono with direction and insight into their ideal target audience. We are then able to utilize our automobile email database of 25 million subscribers. We boast more than 150 lifestyle and demographic selects, such as auto interest, current vehicle make and model, year and VIN. Our targeting capabilities are a key component to helping automobile manufacturers as well as local and national dealers reach their known highest-performing audiences via targeted campaigns.

Our Clients

Import, domestic and luxury dealers and manufacturers turn to Keono for their multi-channel marketing campaigns. Among our clients are well-known names such as Mazda, Honda, Buick, Toyota, Jaguar, Lexus and BMW.

They know we are aware how crucial return on investment is with any marketing endeavor. Below is an example of an automobile campaign we executed that generated notable, but not uncommon, results:

  • Campaign cost: $1,500
  • Emails: 60,000
  • Gross sales: $154,550
  • Gross ROI: $153,500

As the above campaign demonstrates, automobile dealerships are finding that targeted email marketing campaigns are effective and save money. Our campaigns can re-enforce your manufacturer’s marketing message so that you benefit from the TV, radio and newspaper messages already being created. The most important factors to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency are the quality of the data and ability to reach the recipient’s inbox. At Keono, we are superior.

Our inbox delivery rates exceed 90% (our goal on every campaign is 95-99%). Open-and-click rates are consistently higher than our competitors. We provide ongoing macro and granular evaluation of the entire program.

We can offer guidance on a day-to-day basis and we are flexible with schedules and creative changes.

In working with many different automobile partners, the offers we email are also diverse. Keono mails an average of 15-20 different automobile advertisers each month. The offers we see are diverse and range anywhere from global brand awareness campaigns to geographically targeted dealer-specific offers.

In today’s digital world, multi-channel marketing continues to be the dependable method with the potential to bring huge results for automobile dealers and manufacturers. With Keono’s data and delivery, dealerships can expect huge upticks in unit sales and revenue.

Others may sell cars, but Keono sells more cars.

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Customer Feedback

"Keono has consistently surpassed expectations and has enabled me to exceed my annual acquisition targets. On top of their high-performing list and inbox delivery, they are a responsive team who are sincere and dedicated to our success."

- CMO, Worldwide Mobile Provider

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