Keono has the data, delivery, performance, and team to be the best in email acquisition. Explore why some of the largest advertisers choose us.

Keono works with a worldwide agency who is widely known for its expertise in enterprise data, analytics and software service. Their business is to fuse trust, experience and scale to fuel data-driven results. Respected worldwide for their marketing databases and consumer data technologies, they provide marketing insight for 47 of the Fortune 100 brands.

This agency has worked with a leading mobile telecom provider for many years to exceed the expectations of their new customer marketing acquisition initiatives. The end goal is to sign up new consumers for a mobile contract. That is where Keono comes in as an approved vendor that works to acquire new customers using the email channel.


Keono's Role

The mobile customer acquisition program with the email channel is run using the CPA and CPM pricing model. The CPA model is based on conversions only. The email agency will typically not utilize segmentation on their database and will mail extremely high volumes of names in order to deliver new customers for the mobile provider. Thus, these email agencies are using the “spray and pray” strategy to acquire new customers. Keono uses the CPM model, which places more value on targeting the provider’s ads to the right consumers, at the right time. The mailing volumes are lower and the names match the customer’s profile requirements.

When the agency approached Keono, they were challenged with the quality of the traffic they were receiving from CPA programs. Agencies mailing the mobile provider’s ads on a CPA basis were mailing too many names, too frequently and ultimately, negatively impacting the brand. The agency was forced to shift gears and create a better solution where they would benefit from the performance model and be able to guarantee conversions. Our CPM model protects the mobile provider’s valuable international brand, targets the right consumers and backs into the client’s cost-per-order requirements. Clearly, this provides a win/win for agency and for the mobile provider.

The 170% increase in order volume

from the fourth quarter of 2012 to the first quarter of 2013 is a testament to how we meet and consistently exceed the agency’s expectations and the mobile provider’s aggressive ROI requirements.

Strong Relationships Generate Results

As our relationship matured with the agency, we gained access to backend reporting on a weekly basis. This allowed us to evaluate and monitor each campaign at a granular level. With this reporting we are able to figure out what converts as well as the quality of the conversions. The metrics that we get from the client are extremely detailed. We see customer segmentation profiles, number of conversions by day as defined by the mobile provider, and behavior based metrics.

Our relationship with the agency surpasses the typical vendor agency relationship. The better we understand the mobile provider’s new customer acquisition goals and metrics, the better we can manage the entire program to ensure success for all involved.

Why the agency/Keono relationship works?

  • Our approach with the mobile provider is a long term one. Together, we look at the big picture and performance for the long run while still coping with our changing industry landscape.
  • There is a daily and transparent exchange of information.
  • We make sure the mobile provider’s cost-per-order metrics work.
  • We understand the mobile provider’s customer profiles well and maximize segmentation.
  • We have a strong understanding of all the mobile provider’s metrics.

Our Value Proposition

  • Consultative approach to help ensure campaigns perform consistently month after month
  • We provide guidance on a day-to-day basis
  • We are flexible with schedules and creative changes
  • Specialized targeting to meet campaign segmentation requirements
  • Macro and granular on-going evaluation of the entire program
Case Study


Lexus, Nissan, Chevrolet, Jaguar, BMW + others use Keono!

Case Study


Here at Keono, we have experienced great success working with clients in the retail sector.