Lexus, Nissan, Chevrolet, Jaguar, BMW + others use Keono!

Automobile dealerships and manufacturers are constantly looking to identify potential new car buyers. Through Keono's proprietary lists and delivery expertise we have become a reliable and sought after email partner for the growing automobile industry.

Feeding their hungry sales teams through the email channel has increased marketing ROI for our automobile clients like they never imagined, and always hoped for.


Keono's Role

Our automobile clients have large databases that they prospect to, though, not always having the most up-to-date consumer email address hinders their marketing goals.  Enter, Keono. We are able to utilize our robust automobile data sourced from leading offline auto lists to give automobile manufacturers and local dealerships the boost they need to meet, and even exceed their goals. 

The client provided Keono with direction and insight into their ideal target audience.  We were then able to utilize our automobile email database of 25 million subscribers*. We boast 150+ lifestyle and demographic selects such as auto interest, current vehicle make, year, VIN and model. Our targeting capabilities is a key component to helping automobile manufacturers as well as local and national dealers reach their known highest performing audiences via targeted campaigns. 

7-10% Open Rates

We see an average of 7-10% open rates and click thru delivery averages .15% to 1.19%.

Keono Generates Results

In working with many different automobile brands, the offers we mail are also diverse.  Keono mails for an average of 15-20 different automobile advertisers a month, as such the offers we see are diverse and range anywhere from global brand awareness campaigns to geographically targeted dealer specific offers.



Why our Automobile Data Works

  • Robust Automobile data sourced from leading offline auto lists.
  • 25 million subscribers
  • 150+ lifestyle and demographic selects

Our Value Proposition

  • Consultative approach to help ensure campaigns perform consistently month after month
  • We provide guidance on a day-to-day basis
  • We are flexible with schedules and creative changes
  • Specialized targeting to meet campaign segmentation requirements
  • Macro and granular on-going evaluation of the entire program
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Keono has the data delivery performance and team to be the best in email acquisition. Explore why some of the largest advertisers choose us.

Case Study


Here at Keono, we have experienced great success working with clients in the retail sector.