Here at Keono, we have experienced great success working with clients in the retail sector.

Through our proprietary lists and delivery expertise, we are able to deliver the results critical to our client’s retail email campaigns. 

We run many branded retail offers including Pandora, Body Shop, 800 Flowers, Road Runner, and many more.  Offers range from global brand awareness campaigns to special offers and more.


Keono's Role

Our US email database has over 100 million subscribers. Our opt-in subscribers are generated from a wide array of content oriented web properties, and list management data partners across niche categories that we determine to have wide consumer appeal.

In addition to self-reported data, our database is enhanced with over 150 demographic and lifestyle selects. Our robust data enhancements allows us to hone in on consumers retail purchase interests in categories such as apparel, health & beauty, jewelry, luggage and housewares.

We can also target retail & upscale department store credit card holders. Additionally, we have the ability to select the date of birth of our subscribers as well as their spouse’s date of birth allowing our retailers to target not only holidays, but also birthdays. Other targeting abilities include presence and number of children in household, type of lifestyle (i.e. active), type of residence, and much more!

80% of our retail clients continue to place orders throughout the year!

Keono Delivers Results

Our quality data, targeting capabilities and delivery expertise, are all key components in helping our retail clients to consistently achieve and even exceed their performance goals. On average our retailers see open rates ranging from 5-12% and click thru delivery on average is .20% to 2.50%. 

80% of our retail clients utilize our data and services on a continuing basis throughout out the year. Some of our continuing retail mailers include Road Runner, 800 Flowers, Pandora, Body Shop, North Face, Century 21 and other local retailers in the consumer goods category.

Why our data works for Retail?

  • 150 demographic and lifestyle selects
  • Over 100 million subscribers
  • Delivery Expertise
  • Well branded usage

Our Value Proposition

  • Consultative approach to help ensure campaigns perform consistently month after month
  • We provide guidance on a day-to-day basis
  • We are flexible with schedules and creative changes
  • Specialized targeting to meet campaign segmentation requirements
  • Macro and granular on-going evaluation of the entire program
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Keono has the data delivery performance and team to be the best in email acquisition. Explore why some of the largest advertisers choose us.

Case Study


Lexus, Nissan, Chevrolet, Jaguar, BMW + others use Five Data!