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When you’re targeting new customers, email is one of the most cost-effective methods available. Keono knows how to drive results, drawing from a database loaded with more than 100 million opt-in email addresses. Our data is verified, hygiened and tested. It’s why the world’s best-known brands continue to use us for their customer acquisition efforts.

Email Acquisition


Inbox delivery is our only goal, and we have delivery rates that exceed 90% (our goal on every campaign is 95-99%). Open-and-click rates are consistently higher than our competitors.

Among the markets we serve:

  • Business to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • Hispanic
  • International

The Keono team is available to provide creative revision tips to improve campaign delivery and performance.

Our trusted, reputable and highly experienced team strives to exceed your expectations with a focus on relationship building. We offer fast turnarounds in requests, counts and campaigns, and our advertisers consistently consider us flexible and easy to work with.

In addition, Keono is now partnered with the global leader in compliance services, brand protection and marketing intelligence.  Keono is now employing LashBack’s patented system to ensure email marketing compliance, provide resolution opportunities and gather key intelligence. Your reputation is safe with us.

Match & Deploy

Match & Deploy

We excel at Match & Deploy. It offers you an edge in your customer outreach.  Just provide us with your postal file and we’ll run it against our vast email database. Keono will then find an accurate match and will deploy your marketing message to the corresponding email address – it’s that simple.

With Match & Deploy, you can control the message and modify it according to which segment of the customer base you’re targeting. Your strategic options are virtually limitless. Match & Deploy’s flexibility also allows us to drill down and deliver matches at both the household and individual level.


Over 100 million email addresses with 100% matching postal address
  • Match rates are typically between 12 – 20%.
  • Converts a single channel data asset into a robust, multi-channel solution.
  • Email addresses go through a rigorous hygiene process prior to use.
  • Data can be exported to the advertiser for their analytic needs.
  • Keono completes all matching, processing, reporting and delivery.

Creative Services

Creative Services


The message that appears in a prospect’s inbox is the face of your business. A clean, attractive look leaves a positive impression. Keono’s expert Digital Services team always gives your messaging a professional look that enhances credibility. After all, your targeted consumers receive lots of email every day.



Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us today and we’ll get started strengthening your customer base. Email our digital advertising team at info@keono.com or call us at 954-642-0015. We’ll get busy.