4 Lessons For Back-To-School Campaigns


In terms of revenue, back-to-school shopping is second only to the holiday shopping season. When it comes to length, however, the back-to-school season tops the list.

Thanks to plentiful deals, increased shopping opportunities and events like Amazon Prime Day, the back-to-school shopping season is starting earlier and lasting longer.

According to industry studies, nearly one-third of consumers are waiting until September or later to check off all the items on their back-to-school list. Which means it’s not too late to kick off that back-to-school email marketing campaign you’ve been planning.

But while the shopping season is longer, the competition for back-to-school shoppers is fiercer than ever. Here’s what you need to know about back-to-school shoppers before pressing send.


They are patient


Part of the reason the back-to-school shopping season has gotten longer is that consumers are putting off making big purchases in hopes of getting the best deal—even if that deal comes after school starts. So don’t hold back on promoting discounts for your big-ticket items now.


They are savvy


It’s not just big purchases that back-to-school shoppers want a deal on. More than half of shoppers claim to only buy back-to-school supplies on sale or at a discount. So it’s no surprise that emails with offers in the subject line perform significantly higher than those without.


They are unique


Personalization is always important in email, but it’s critical in back-to-school marketing because of how large the pool of potential customers is. You can make the most impact by identifying your best customer demographic(s) and creating a targeted campaign that speaks directly to them.


They are mobile


Like all consumers, back-to-school shoppers are increasingly making purchases online and on-the-go. Make sure your back-to-school campaign utilizes a mobile-friendly format to boost engagement with (and purchases through) your emails.


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