Can You Trust Your Digital Marketing Partner’s Data?


In any interaction—whether personal or professional—trust is essential. Yet each day it feels like consumer trust in corporations is under siege.

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Marriott Hotels. While these very public stumbles heighten fear of exposure, exposure is exactly what digital marketers are paid to deliver. And you can’t grow a brand without reaching new audiences.

So how do you add to your brand’s reach without taking on risk? By sourcing data from a digital marketing partner with practices in place to protect your brand’s reputation while providing access to new buyers.  

Here’s what to look for when choosing a data partner.




Much like knowing where your food comes from, understanding where your email lists are sourced and how the data has been inspected and validated is critical.

Why? Because bad data is bad for business. Poorly constructed, incomplete and inaccurate data can not only render your campaign ineffective, but it can also damage your brand.

Data that is reputably sourced, hygiened, tested and responsive, however, keeps your brand protected while boosting your ability to target, engage, acquire and retain customers.

That’s why at Keono, we collect data from our owned and partner websites—confirming each email address, pulling unsubscribes and checking complainers and spam traps against bad record repositories to deliver superior data.




Finding a partner that says they are CAN-SPAM compliant is one thing. Finding a partner that has put safeguards in place to guarantee—rather than work around—that compliance is another.

While there are a few agency compliance systems to choose from, we rely on Lashback to ensure compliance. The LashBack email compliance platform is a full-service solution that delivers transparency on publisher emails promoting retailers' products. It provides sophisticated market intelligence and a 'closed-loop' on commercial email messages being sent to millions of consumers each day.

“Not all digital marketing advertising agencies are created equal, so retailers often proceed with caution when allowing a third-party to manage their email campaigns,” explained Peter Wilson, CEO of LashBack.

“Companies such as Keono, however, represent a new breed of digital marketer that understands the importance of trust, the crucial role of reputation and embraces new tools and systems to ensure compliance, integrity and success for its clients.”




What’s worse than an email not getting into your prospect’s inbox? An email that gets banished to the junk folder.

You’ve worked hard to create a trustworthy brand; the last thing you need is for consumers to question why your carefully crafted content is sitting next to offers from a Nigerian prince. 

To get your message into the inbox, select a partner that is obsessed with deliverability (look for deliverability rates of 95% or higher), has mountains of opt-in email addresses and demonstrates their ability to white label across internet service providers.

Here are three more tips for improving your email deliverability.


A matter of trust

Good digital marketing requires good digital data. Protect your brand reputation and build trust with your buyers by working with a digital marketing agency that puts transparency, compliance and deliverability first.

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