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3 Marketing Challenges That Make Fitness Chains Sweat

With the United States offering more fitness center options than any other country in the world, effectively marketing to new and existing members can prove quite the challenge.

And, as boutique fitness centers continue cropping up (seen any fire yoga centers yet?) and in-home fitness solutions rise in popularity (Peloton is making the treadmill cool again), finding your ideal audience has never been harder.

Here are three common marketing challenges fitness chains face and how you can overcome them.

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Making Customer Retention A Reality

Converting a lead into a customer is a celebration-worthy event, but the momentum shouldn’t stop there. Your end goal should be converting that lead into a customer who will come back and purchase from your brand—or your customer’s brand—again and again.

Acquisition strategies are important. They help you achieve the goal of gaining new customers. But then what?

To build loyalty and maximize the lifetime value of your new customers, you need to focus on their retention as much as (if not more than) you did on their acquisition.

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