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Making The Shift From Organic To Paid Social Media

You know you need to diversify your marketing efforts to reach today’s multichannel consumers. You’ve done the research and you’ve identified social media as a place your customers spend a lot of their time. Now what?

You may already have a company LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, but with social media networks increasingly looking to monetize their users, organic reach is at an all-time low.

Making the shift from organic to paid traffic is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get in front of your customers. And each social channel has capabilities to boost views and engagement with those most likely to buy your products or services.

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4 Ways Proprietary Sites Make A Difference In Display Advertising

Display ads are a great way to get your brand, product or service in front of a wide audience.

But while display ads are commonly used by brands, they are also commonly ignored by audiences—a phenomenon known as banner blindness.

One of the best ways to combat banner blindness is through highly personalized and targeted display ads. And proprietary sites are an effective tool to drive more targeted display traffic.

Here are four ways proprietary sites make a difference in display advertising.

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