Zero In On Your Ideal Customers With Geotargeting


When the success of your advertising campaign relies on being in the right place at the right time, you need geotargeting.

Geotargeting gives you control over who sees your ads—and where they see them from. And in advertising, location is everything.  

Here’s how geotargeting helps you increase ad engagement and reach your end goal: customer conversions.


Advertise where your buyers are


In traditional media, targeting customers by location can be fairly straightforward. For example, if you want to reach potential customers in Chicago, you advertise in Chicago-based publications like the Chicago Tribune.

When it comes to digital, however, location-based ad targeting gets a bit trickier as digital media properties can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

That’s where geotargeting comes in. Geotargeting leverages a user’s IP address to identify their past and current locations, enabling you to place ads based on where your ideal customers live, work or shop.

 And in a world where most people carry a mobile device with them, the ability to establish potential buyers’ locations has never been more crucial.


Personalize your content


Geotargeting not only allows you to target buyers in the right location, it allows you to deliver the right content for that audience.

When considering what kinds of content will appeal to your audience, knowing—and promoting—where they are located is highly effective.

Pretend your business is a national shoe chain selling running shoes. If you’re selling to buyers in San Francisco, you can create an ad featuring runners crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. You can then take the same ad and feature runners climbing the “Rocky Steps” to appeal to buyers in Philadelphia.

Geotargeting is just another way you can segment your target audience, customize your content and improve the odds of gaining a strong return from your ad campaign.


Gain customer insights


Don’t know the best target location for your next ad campaign? Geotargeting can uncover the neighborhoods, cities or states where consumers responded best to your previous campaigns.

Marketers are finding that proximity is a top indicator of where consumers will shop, even above factors such as cost or quality.

So whether you’re targeting large areas or small hot spots, the best way to increase engagement and boost conversions is to advertise in the places with the largest concentration of ideal customers. And geotargeting helps you get there.

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